Hacker's Paradise Review of the 405 Dimple Series Wedges! From "Some readers will know the name Harry Taylor, the majority though, might not. Rest assured that in the world of club design the name is one that has been involved with some legendary clubs of all types. If you want to know more about the man behind the brand, be sure to take a look at the review we did on the HT 305 wedges a couple of years ago ( Given my experience doing that review on the HT 305’s, when I heard I would be...

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Hacker's Paradise Gushes Over the Series 305 Wedges!

From "Alright, update time. I'm pretty convinced that if these can be put INTO THE HANDS of people, they'll be surprised by them. While we have seen other wedge companies take a similar order/production approach to these, the quality here truly is top notch. There is a really really nice feel and a completely well rounded look at address. One thing I like is that at setup it rides the line of a rounded and flat leading edge, not extreme one way or the other as is usually the...

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John Duval over at has published a review on the Harry Taylor wedges!  Check it out here! (

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