The 305 signature series

Black or Satin Finish

This one's Special

If you were proud of your work and they’d let you, you’d sign it.  We all know how proud Harry Taylor is of his club designs, heck, his name is on the company.  So how does a guy like Harry, whose name is already on every club we build, make it known when he’s extremely proud of his work, when he’s done something very special? He carves his initials in it!

Ok, it’s kind of hard to carve your initials in 303 stainless steel so instead he stamped them. All over it.  In color. Harry’s proud of this wedge, as well he should be.  He’s been designing wedges for the best players in the world for 30 years, what he’s done with the 305 Signature is put those 30 years into one pure shape. 

Pure Performance

Set the 305 Signature to the ball and instantly you’ll know, this club is a design classic.  The top line is thin for a clean, precise look and frosted to avoid even the slightest hint of distracting glare.  The face is deep, deep enough to throw open when needed, but not too big, this isn’t a shovel it’s an instrument for an artist. It’s precision milled, perfectly flat, with perfectly spaced milled groves set just to the legal size limit.  The face and grooves, like the entire club, are all about performance, control, and scoring.

The grind has a slight curve to the leading edge, something Harry believes in and the best players in the world confirm.  This leading edge combined with just the right bounce and flange enable the scoring artist in you to bring out your inner Rembrandt.

Second to none

The coup de grace?  Harry enhanced this 305 with his signature performance feature - dimples.  You’ll notice in one swing the feel and sound from this club is, simply, pure.  The ultra-soft casted 303 steel combined with our proprietary wedge shaft and enhanced by the dampening of the dimples creates a sound and feel second to none. 

Second to none!


Ball flight – tour trajectory

Feel – soft

Sole - thin

Versatility – off the charts

Designed for – Short game artists

Available right-handed in 48, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees

Available left-handed in 52, 56, 60 (Coming May 20th)

Bounce – optimal: 48/8, 52/9, 54/10, 56/11, 58/11, 60/9

MSRP $149 per club

Discounts when you buy 2 or more

2 finish options

305 Signature Black

Harry's colorful initials pop off the back of the black finish. The look is bold and fun. Set the club to the ball and the contrast is just what owners of this finish want, crystal. The black finish protects against all glare and sets the ball off wonderfully. Remember, you can expect some wear of the finish in the sweet spot and sole over time. Lovers of this finish have come to expect this look. Enjoy.

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305 Signature Satin

Clean and classic satin has been the staple of Harry's wedge finishes for years. Satin is durable and pleasing to the eye in it's simplicity of contrast and visibility. To eliminate glare the top line of the satin wedge in frosted so no distractions are coming from your wedge. They'll be no excuses here. If your a traditionalist, this is your wedge.

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Wow Harry!

Take your grip, set the 305 Signature behind the ball… we’re going to read your mind from here.  “Wow Harry!  You’re ridiculously good at designing wedges!”