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Our New 305 Signature series

305 Signature Series - Satin

305 Signature was designed by Harry to be the tool of the short game artist. On this 305 the dimples enhance the look, feel, and sound but don't come in contact with the turf. The satin finish is durable and pleasing to the eye in it's simplicity of contrast and visibility. They'll be no excuses here.

If you love a classic grind and you're good with your wedge, you need Harry's Signature.

Recommended for professionals and better wedge players.

305 Signature Series - Black

Harry's colorful initials pop off the back of the black finish. The look is bold and fun. Set the club to the ball and the contrast is just what owners of this finish want, crystal. The black finish protects against all glare and sets the ball off wonderfully. Remember, you can expect some wear of the finish in the sweet spot and sole over time. Lovers of this finish have come to expect this look. Enjoy.

Designed for good wedge players who love a dark finish on their wedge.

Recommended for professionals and better wedge players.

405 Red Dimple Series

Designed for players seeking the most forgiving wedge ever produced. Need help getting out of the sand? Do you chunk or thin your wedges? The 405 wedge cuts through sand and rough like a hot knife through butter! The wide sole dimple design is a breakthrough in forgiveness and performance!

Perfect for players that struggle with their wedge game!

Recommended for mid to high handicappers.

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Harry Taylor's Mission.

Legendary Experience

Harry Taylor has over 30+ years experience as a club designer and PGA Professional.

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All of our clubs feature a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defects and flaws. You are guaranteed a quality product.

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For the better player looking for a technological advantage.

 The thinner dimpled sole and soft 303 steel casting modernize this classic shape giving the user of the 305 Green both the versatility of this classic grind and the advantages of advanced dimple technology.

Confidence and performance engineered.

Our mission is to make golf easier. The 405 Red is the answer in wedges. The wide dimple sole decreases drag and is virtually impossible to chunk. The club is simply amazing out of the sand!

Designed with the player in mind.

The grind has a slight curve to the leading edge, something Harry believes in and the best players in the world confirm.  This leading edge combined with just the right bounce and flange enable the scoring artist in you to bring out your inner Rembrandt.

So why dimples?

Did you know…?

 A Golf ball without dimples flies only half as far.

Why? Because the dimples form air pockets around the golf ball, which provide a cushion of air for it to glide across.

Without dimples, a USGA study found, —the ball will drop from the sky in half the time.

With dimples, a ball will travel much more easily and go twice as far.

What makes a golf ball stay in the air?


The Turf Dynamics of our Dimple Soled Wedges works in a similar fashion.

World’s Fastest Shark Has Skin Pattern That Models a Dimple.

NewScientist Magazine- March 4th, 2019

Brand New research shows….

Patches of flexible, scale-like denticles on the shark’s skin allow it to  glide more efficiently through the water.

Millions of tiny “Denticles” covering the mako shark’s skin could be the secret to its incredible speed.

Mako sharks are known as the cheetahs of the ocean, rocketing through the water at speeds of up to 68 kilometres per hour.

Your Traditional Wedge Sole Can’t Glide.

The traditional wedge sole is so tiny….

So narrow..

Sharp leading edge..

Friction on the sole causing it to drag

Face is small….

Requires the perfect ball turf contact

Your walking into a “fat shot trap” right when you pick it up

No wonder you leave it in the bunker.

Stop making it harder than it should be

Now there is a new solution for you

Introducing the Dimple Wedge….
3X Larger Sole Than Your Wedge.

It’s huge and you’re gonna love it... It’s almost impossible to chunk.

The larger dimple sole  just glides through sand and turf without digging.

How many times have you left it in the bunker with your buddies watching?

That horrible feeling in your stomach when…

You barely miss the green and walk off with a double bogey.

That’s about to end…

Imagine stepping up to your next sand shot with confidence knowing

This wedge is going to glide

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