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Series 405 Dimple Wedge

HT wedge effortlessly cuts through the sand and rough like a hot knife through butter! It’s that easy to hit from the bunker or any lie!

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Series 305 Dimple Wedge

With its tour designed, thinner progressive dimpled sole, the soft casting of this club gives it a great feel.

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Our goal is to help improve the everyday golfers game. Our clubs are designed with that in mind. The wide dimple sole helps decrease drag and chunking the ball.

So why dimple?

Did you know…?

 A Golf ball without dimples flies only half as far.

Why? Because the dimples form air pockets around the golf ball, which provide a cushion of air for it to glide across.

Without dimples, a USGA study found, —the ball will drop from the sky in half the time.

With dimples, a ball will travel much more easily and go twice as far.

What makes a golf ball stay in the air?


World’s Fastest Shark Has Skin Pattern That Models a Dimple.

NewScientist Magazine- March 4th, 2019

Brand New research shows….

Patches of flexible, scale-like denticles on the shark’s skin allow it to  glide more efficiently through the water.

Millions of tiny “Denticles” covering the mako shark’s skin could be the secret to its incredible speed.

Mako sharks are known as the cheetahs of the ocean, rocketing through the water at speeds of up to 68 kilometres per hour.

Your Traditional Wedge Sole Can’t Glide.

The traditional wedge sole is so tiny….

So narrow..

Sharp leading edge..

Friction on the sole causing it to drag

Face is small….

Requires the perfect ball turf contact

Your walking into a “fat shot trap” right when you pick it up

No wonder you leave it in the bunker.

Stop making it harder than it should be

Now there is a new solution for you

Introducing the Dimple Wedge….
3X Larger Sole Than Your Wedge.

It’s huge and you’re gonna love it... It’s almost impossible to chunk.

The larger dimple sole  just glides through sand and turf without digging.

How many times have you left it in the bunker with your buddies watching?

That horrible feeling in your stomach when…

You barely miss the green and walk off with a double bogey.

That’s about to end…

Imagine stepping up to your next sand shot with confidence knowing

This wedge is going to glide

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