Share the Love

“For the Love of The Game” is what we’re all about here at Harry Taylor Golf. We’ve created this top of the line wedge series purely because we love the game of golf and everything that comes along with it. In our eyes, golf is not only the greatest game ever created but we know that for many of you it’s a lifestyle that you’re extremely passionate about. That’s why we’re confident that you will love and enjoy playing our Harry Taylor Series 305 wedges so much you’ll want to shout it from a mountain top (or at least tell your friends about it over a cold beverage at the 19th hole). At Harry Taylor Golf we want to reward and incentivize you and your friends for “Sharing The Love.” Why shouldn’t you be rewarded for spreading the word to everyone in your golf network about your favorite wedge? We understand word of mouth is a powerful tool and we want to make sure you’re compensated handily for “Sharing The Love.”

Here’s how it works:

Once you purchase your Harry Taylor Designed Wedge and fall deeply in love with its beautiful lines and incredible tour performance, you'll really begin to feel why we Eat, Sleep and Bleed the motto, “For The Love of The Game.” At this moment you’re going to want to spread the word to all of your golf buddies so they too can understand the joy of hitting the purest wedge shot that they’ve ever felt. All of us avid golfers like to talk, especially about great golf equipment. How many times has your buddy hit your new driver and killed it off the tee and then the next time you two are out on the course he’s got the same driver as you? Don’t you wish that you would have received some compensation for bettering your buddy's golf game? Here at Harry Taylor Golf we want you to get something for sharing the Love of The Game. Every time you hand out a Harry Taylor Golf Share The Love Card and one of your friends purchases a wedge with the card, we will pay you a commission of $20. That’s right a $20 bill in your pocket just for telling your golf buddies and friends about your favorite wedge.  So, start sharing the love!