HT Series 405 Red Wide Dimple Series Wedge - Available Lofts 52°, 56°, 60°, 64°

By Harry Taylor Golf

$ 67.00 $ 149.00

Introducing the Harry Taylor series 405, wide dimpled sole wedges. Harry Taylor spent 10 years on the PGA Tour and for decades has designed metalwoods, wedges and irons for the best players in the world. And now he’s designed a wedge specifically for all golfers. With its never before seen, friction reducing, chunk proof dimpled sole design, the HT wedge effortlessly cuts through the sand and rough like a hot knife through butter! It’s that easy to hit from the bunker or any lie!

Beautiful looking, quality made, premium wedges at affordable prices because Harry is selling his wedge directly to you. And other premium, narrow sole wedges aren’t nearly as forgiving from any lie like Harry’s wedges . That’s because Harry’s new Wide Dimpled Soled wedges are engineered with performance, forgiveness AND quality in mind. You can tell immediately when hold the HT Wedges and set them behind the ball, these babies are legit. And then when you hit it, with the soft feeling, 303 steel, the precision milled face and grooves and the super-forgiving wide dimpled sole which slides effortlessly through sand and rough and just refuses to dig, you’ll know you found the perfect wedges to add to your bag!

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