WAS $349
NOW $169

4k "Clearview" Auto-Ambient Display

1000 Yard Range

+/- 1 Yard Accuracy

7X Magnification

Built-in "Mag-Lok" Cart Mount

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

"Flag-Lok" with Pulse Vibration

Slope On/Off (USGA Tournament Legal)


WAS $299
NOW $149

"Clearview" Liquid Crystal Display

1000 Yard Range

+/- 1 Yard Accuracy

7X Magnification

Built-in "Mag-Lok" Cart Mount

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

"Flag-Lok" with Pulse Vibration

Slope On/Off (USGA Tournament Legal)


liquid crystal display
4k "Clearview" auto-ambient display

The new Black Series Rangefinder is our first to feature an Auto-Ambient Display. Now, the 4K "Clearview" liquid crystal display will automatically change colors to contrast with the background creating the clearest digital display ever.

With pulse vibration
"Flag-lok" Technology

Receive both visual and physical confirmation when you've locked on to your target. Hone in on your target with our 7X LCD Viewfinder, click one button, and when locked on your HT rangefinder will vibrate and display the distance. Easy!

different wedges
for different players and preferences

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405 Dimple Series

Designed for players seeking the most forgiving wedge ever produced. Need help getting out of the sand? Do you chunk or thin your wedges? The wide sole dimple design is a breakthrough in forgiveness and performance!

The 405 wedge cuts through sand and rough like a hot knife through butter! Perfect for players that struggle with their wedge game!

Recommended for mid to high handicappers.

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305 Signature Series

305 Signature was designed by Harry to be the tool of the short game artist. On this 305 the dimples enhance the look, feel, and sound but don't come in contact with the turf. The satin finish is durable and pleasing to the eye in it's simplicity of contrast and visibility. They'll be no excuses here.

If you love a classic grind and you're good with your wedge, you need Harry's Signature.

Recommended for professionals and better wedge players.

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305 Green Series

For the player seeking the versatility of a thinner sole AND the benefits of dimple technology Harry reached into his coffers, refined his Tour favorite, and incorporated the breakthrough dimple technology. The resulting 305 Green Dimpled Sole Wedge may just be his best yet.

It’s the type of wedge Harry used to design for Tour players but with the added benefits of a dimpled sole, a precision milled face and grooves, and 303 steel for the softest feel possible.

Recommended for professionals and better wedge players.

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Harry applied his legendary design skills to our new face-balanced, milled putters to create a meticulously crafted blend of materials, craftsmanship, and engineering.

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It's Not You, It's Your Wedge
The most forgiving WEDGE in golf.

Look at every sand wedge you’ve ever owned, then the ones in your playing partner’s bags and you’ll see the same thing; thin, smooth soles that don’t have a ton of surface area and lack forgiveness in the sand. If you would like to get out of the sand the first time, every time, there is an answer. And it’s not you, it’s not even your technique, it’s in the design of your sand wedge.

We think the enemy isn’t the bunker, it’s that thin soled, unforgiving sand wedge.

Because Harry has spent the last few years working on the perfect sand wedge for the amateur golfer, there is finally a wedge made just for you, one that will work in the sand even if you can’t practice every day. We know, we’ve tested the Harry Taylor 405 with hundreds of golfer’s just like you. 10 handicaps, 20 handicappers, no handicaps, righties and lefties with the same results… Everyone gets out of the sand the first time!


Did you know...?

A Golf ball without dimples flies only half as far.

Why? Because the dimples form air pockets around the golf ball, which provides a cushion of air for it to glide across.

Without dimples, a USGA study found, - the ball will drop from the sky in half the time.

With dimples, a ball will go twice as far.

What makes a golf ball stay in the air?


The Turf Dynamics of our Dimple Soled Wedges works in a similar fashion.

What Golfers Are Saying About Harry Taylor Golf

Started using HT - Range finder immediately and love it. I was using an original Range finder from B-Nell. The easy of operation is amazing, and visual clarity is as advertised...
I would highly recommend the Harry Taylor range finder to anyone looking for a well built, light weight easy to use RF.

David A Bobillot

I own three of the 405 wedges, which are extremely comfortable and accurate. My new 305 signature 60° wedge is very comfortable and easily places my lob shots near the cup!

Rick P.

Had the 405 Red in 52 and 56. Great forgiving wedges but when I got new clubs my gaps weren’t quite right. So when I saw the new 305 Signature Series I replaced the others with 48 and 52. Great feeling wedges and do they ever stop the ball. 👍

Michael M.